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Can I fix the garage door on my own if it is broken?

If you are careful enough in following your owner’s manual, you can repair and maintain your door on your own. Most parts such as hinges, lift, handles and windows can be maintained by owners on their own. However, springs, operators and other electronic parts should be dealt by garage door professionals like us. You can contact our experts to assist.

How do I clean my garage door?

Cleaning a garage a garage door would typically require a hose, rags, and a soap or detergent. After doing an initial rinsing to wash off dirt, the soap would remove those that have stuck on the door, and then another rinsing. These are, however, just the basic steps, according to our specialists.

What materials are used in making garage doors?

There are different types of materials used in making garage doors, including glass, aluminum, steel, and wood. Steel is more durable but it’s heavy. Wood is more appealing, but it’s high maintenance. Aluminum is less expensive, but not as sturdy, unless you purchase one of high quality, which is often more expensive. Fiberglass is lighter but has poor insulation.

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