Garage Door Torsion Springs

We excel in all services, whether it is garage door repair, installation, or replacement.

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“Garage Door Repair Teaneck” is dedicated to provide outstanding service to its loyal customers and to continue doing that, we provide a series of up-to-date training for our contractors. Our expertise in this line of business is continuously upgraded because of the valuable experience that we get from our clients.

Garage Door Torsion SpringsWe excel in all services, whether it is garage door repair, installation, or replacement. We are knowledgeable in different parts and we specially focus our learning in handling garage door torsion spring replacement. We are aware that replacing a garage torsion spring is dangerous so we put in more effort to study this skill. We want the best for our customers and guarantee that we deliver the service and safety you deserve.

A garage door torsion spring is made by different brands and come in all types and sizes. Our experts meticulously do inspection so we can identify the type that you require for your door to function perfectly. We make sure that we check other parts as well because it may also need to be replaced. Each part contributes to the mechanism and if one is broken, the others may be destroyed too. We do not want you to waste your money so we only do what is right and proper.

Maintenance is the key for a garage door to lasts longer

We sincerely value your loyalty to us so we extend our services by giving customers useful tips on how to maintain your door’s optimum performance. We share our knowledge and familiarize our customers with all important parts and their specific functions. Our technicians are also trained to give exceptional customer service and we promise that you will be treated with courteousness and respect. We welcome all your questions about maintenance and will definitely give answers based on facts.

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